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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How does White Balance work?

What is White Balance? White Balance is a setting to balance the colour of your picture under different types of light. You can try to shoot in different White Balance setting under the same light source, or shoot in same White Balance setting under different types of light.

1) Auto White Balance (AWB)
- The White Balance is automatically select the best colour reproduction. This is the best setting for normal use.

2) Daylight
- The colour of picture will look like shooting under the midday sun.

3) Shade
- Do you notice the shade actually a bit bluish? Shooting in this mode will remove the bluish when you shoot under the shade.

4) Tungsten Light
- The colour of light bulb, yellow-orange colour cast. This help you to remove the warm colour cast.

5) Cloudy
- Shade and Cloudy are about the same. But Cloudy Mode will add a bit more yellow tinge to compensate for the bluish tinge.

6) Fluorescent Light
- Indoors photo will look slightly greenish because of the fluorescent light. This mode will compensates the greenish colour.

7) Flash
- Flash and Daylight are about the same. But Flash Mode will be slightly bluish. Therefore, it will compensates the bluish as well.

Do you remember the chapter "Understanding the Mood of Picture"? If you want to create Mood in your picture, you need to know White Balance. Auto White Balance is very good most of the time because it makes the pictures have natural look.

However, you can set the White Balance manually to get special colour effects. You will be surprised once you  shoot the same scene with different White Balance Mode. :)

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