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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How to Focus in a Correct Way?

Although there are lot of people afford to buy a camera, there are still a lot of people do not know how to Focus in a correct way. Surprise?

Most of the people got a camera in their hand, and they keep shooting because they have a large capacitance memory card. Unlike the film camera, it is very expensive if they keep shooting the environment or stranger for no reason. No offense ^^. Then, when they print the photos or view in the large LCD television or monitor, they found some of the photos not clear or sharp enough. The reason they can't capture a clear and sharp photo because they do not Focus.

The red circle shows the Shutter Button. It is not just a normal button because this button allows you to press halfway to Focus the subject. Most camera will focus the subject appear at the center of the Viewfinder (or LCD monitor for compact camera).

Well, you might think that you have a smart and intelligent camera, you do not need to worry whether you need to Focus before capturing the picture. Maybe you really have a smart and intelligent camera, but you can have a clearer and sharper picture if you know the correct way to Focus, it worth a shot :)

So, use your index finger press the Shutter Button gently to feel the difference between "press halfway" and "press completely". By the way, when you press halfway to Focus, probably you will heard a beep sound once your camera focused the subject. Also, you can see the LCD monitor image from blur to clear because the camera is focusing the subject, and you are good to go. Easy :)

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