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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to Freeze motion?

Capture a clear and memorable photo is very important, whether you are a professional photographer or not. But most of the time, due to the environment, maybe in car racing, horse racing, 100 meters dash, or your kids are running, you might feel very difficult to get a sharp and clear photo. 

The main reason you cannot capture a moving object is because the Shutter speed not fast enough. You might tried faster Shutter speed but you got a same blur result. 

Let's back to the basic of camera then. :)

Do you remember "How does Camera work" ? Film and Sensor need to capture light in order to get enough Exposure. Therefore, increasing the Shutter speed does not really solve the problem. You need another thing to help you increase the Exposure, it called "Light" :)

How do you get Light? Well, Camera Flash, Fluorescent light, Sun light and etc. Or you can increase your ISO speeds as well. Why?

This picture was captured at outdoor with 1/100 sec Shutter speed. As you can see, 1/100 sec Shutter speed is not enough to freeze the motion of the fish. You can see the water splashing but it is not clear and the surface of water is not sharp as well.

This picture was captured in 1/250 sec Shutter speed. The surface of the water looks clearer compare to 1/100 sec Shutter speed. Also, you can see the fish head, sharp enough isn't it?

As long as the you get enough Exposure, you can try a faster Shutter speed. This picture was captured in 1/1250 sec Shutter speed. 

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