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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How does Camera work?

Hi, I'm Jiat. I bought DSLR at june 2010 and start learning how to use my camera. In fact, there are a lot of theory out there and you probably got 10000000++ in google search engine in topic "how to use camera", "using  your digital camera", "understanding your camera" and etc.

But some of my friends told me they do not really understand how it works after reading tons of articles and video. Of course, after some try and error on their camera, they got the idea finally. ^^ Maybe I'm not professional enough to write about "how to use your camera" but I'm here to share my little experiences, and it is my shooting dairy as well. No offence ^^

So, what do you need to know about your camera (most basic)?

By the way, first thing first, you need to know is how does camera work.

Actually, the image is inverted in the camera, or you should called it a "film", which the new generation might not seen it before because we have digital camera and memory card nowadays. The image is up - down inverted and left - right inverted, you can't see it unless you have a camera with film.

The reason you can't see it in digital camera because the processor has converted the image and display in the LCD monitor. Digital camera makes things easier so everyone can buy one and play around. ^^

Ok, here's the steps.
1) You need to make a black box, put a film in the box and poke a hole opposite the wall of the film.
2) Find something to cover the hole because you do not want the film get expose until you find your shooting target.
3) Point to the target and take away the cover.
4) Well, depends on the environment, if the light (or sunlight) is strong enough, probably few seconds you can cover the hole because the film already capture the image and you do not want the film overexpose.
5) Find a shop that can print you photo.

I wonder the next generation can really understand this? Film become antique for sure in the next few years...or already is... ...

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