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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How to Use Sports Mode?

First, you need to select the Sports Mode at the camera Mode Dial. You might found your Dial looks different, but I'm sure you can find the Athlete icon ( In red circle) at the Dial :)

So, what does Sports Mode do? Let's begin. These are the setting for my camera, but it will be about the same as yours as well. Do not worry ^^

Aperture = Auto
Shutter Speed = Auto
Exposure = Not Available
ISO Speed = Auto
Picture Style = Standard
White Balance = Auto
AF Mode = AI Servo
AF Point Selection = Auto
Drive Mode = High-Speed Continuous
Metering Mode = Evaluative
Built-in Flash = OFF

Sports Mode combines AI Servo and High-Speed Continuous Shutter Speed to freeze the motion of a moving object. With the High-Speed Continuous Shutter Speed, you will able to capture continuous motion so you will not miss any important scenes of a moving object, as well as shooting kids and animals.

Well, if you want to freeze motion, why don't you just increase the shutter speed? Please refer back to "How to Freeze Motion?" .

There are differences between "Increase Shutter Speed to Freeze Motion" and Sports Mode. As you can see,  Portrait Mode, Landscape Mode, Close-Up Mode, Sports Mode and Night Portrait Mode are actually function in Auto Mode (with some changes respectively).  There are Intelligent Software to help the user to capture a better picture.

In Sports Mode, there is a setting ( In red colour of setting list ) called "AI Servo", which is a function automatically focus the moving objects in order to capture continuous motion. The Focus changes to keep the moving target focused when you press the shutter button halfway.

And it is fast enough to make continuous focusing compare with AI Focus in Auto Mode.

Can't see the different? Let's zoom in to the tyre.

As you can see, AI Servo able to focus both rim and ground are sharp and clear, even the vehicle is moving.

This picture shows the rim is blurred but the ground is clear. Although AI Focus in Auto Mode is design for moving object, but not as fast as Sports Mode, the way to Focus is different as well.

Unlike a simple "Freeze Motion", you only focus at one point, hold your breath and wait the moving target moved into your focused point. Once the target away from your focused point, you need to search the focus again or you will not get a clear picture.

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