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Sunday, 10 July 2011


"A professional photographer will always keep his/her eyes bright and never miss out anything."

My friend told me something like this when he gave me some tutorial in photography. I do agree with this. But, what I think is not only a professional photographer needs to keep his/her eyes bright all the time. As my ex-boss said, an engineer must always keep his/her eyes bright because you will injure if you make mistake, and the worst case is you will get yourselves killed if you make a big mistake. 

Wow, that's sounds serious to me but I know it is serious! :P Well, I do keep myself alert or keep my eyes bright, and I found a beehive on a tree! 

Bee, I guess they just won't attack me if I walk close to them, No Disturb of course.

I found it is a bit difficult to get some photos because I'm using 18-135mm lens. I can't really zoom into them so I decided to get Closer.

There are tree branches and leaf around the beehive. Well, bee is just as smart as we know. They built the beehive in a safe place which others "animal" difficult to reach. And those tree branches, I just afraid to touch them because I do not know what if the bee thought I am going to ambush them or attack them. :P

Closer, closer,closer... ...

Careful, careful, careful... ...

This is the closest I can get, I can hear the "Bee" sound and I guess I should stay away before they found me. :)

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