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Sunday, 15 May 2011

How to Use Auto Mode?

First, you need to select the Auto Mode at the camera Mode Dial. You might found your Dial looks different, but I'm sure you can find the Green Square icon ( In red circle) at the Dial :)

So, what does Auto Mode do? Let's begin. These are the setting for my camera, but it will be about the same as yours as well. Do not worry ^^

Aperture = Auto
Shutter Speed = Auto
Exposure = Not Available
ISO Speed = Auto
Picture Style = Standard
White Balance = Auto
AF Mode = AI Focus
AF Point Selection = Auto
Drive Mode = Single
Metering Mode = Evaluative
Built-in Flash = Auto

Auto Mode is a convenient mode for most user. According to difference environment, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO speeds and White Balance are all decided by the camera. Also, it is suitable for a shooting a moving object because of the autofocus. Built-in flash will pop up it the environment insufficient in light.

There is no user setting at all so anyone can take a picture, most suitable for newbie or people who help you to take photos.

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