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Thursday, 2 June 2011

How does Picture Style work?

Picture Style is a Mode to adjust the contrast, colour tone, brightness and etc. Most digital camera comes with six picture style, I believe most of you heard them before. :)

1) Standard
- The colour of picture looks sharp and vivid overall. No doubt it is suitable for most shooting.

2) Portrait
- Do you remember the chapter "How to Use Portrait Mode"? Well, it is the same as the chapter mentioned. The skin tones are softer and lighter in Portrait.

3) Landscape
- Do you remember the chapter "How to Use Landscape Mode"? Again, it is the same. It is a setting to make red, yellow, green and blue more vivid.

4) Neutral 
- It makes the picture low saturation and contrast in order to obtain detail of the subject. The colour is subdued compare to Standard Mode.

5) Faithful 
- The colour of picture will look like the way you see with your eyes. This Mode emphasis the texture and colour same as the subject under colour temperature 5200k. You are advised to search for the temperature of colour. ^^

6) Monochrome
- The picture will convert into Black and White colour. To be honest, I like monochrome the most because it looks like the old black and white camera. the subject looks more 3D for me compare to colour photos. 

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