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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Protection Colour

What a cloudy day, I did not even notice it already 9 am in the morning. I should prepare quickly or I will be late. :) Just before I am done with my breakfast, I saw, no, I heard some "birds" at the backyard. Where are the little birds?

As I always say, nature is amazing. You just can't trust your eyes because you can't see all the facts of the world with your eyes, but they do exist.

So, how many birds in this photo? I can't get any closer or zoom in because I am using 18-135mm lens. Arrggg, I am going to get a big lens for sure.

My friend said it was nothing but mud and grasses, ROFL!! Are you sure?

I would say we are too rely on machine or tools. Sometimes we just can't imagine how useless human being are. Without machine and technologies, we are doom.

As I remember, these photos are captured in "shade", therefore the grass looks more vivid green compare to AWB. However, trust me, if I post a photo shot in AWB, the colour of the photos will be grey instead of yellowish and green, the birds are almost invisible and you probably hate me after this LOL. 

Well, here comes our little bird. Say hello to everyone. :)

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Desa Park City

I found a nice place to shoot recently, its called Desa Park City. It is a place near Kepong. If you coming from the direction of Sungai Buloh, just go under the flyover and turn right, then you will see a junction on the left. You  will see some big words DESA PARK CITY instead of HOLLYWOOD. Haha :P

Many photographers come to this place every evening, or maybe after work. I would say this place still under very good maintenance, so far. But I bet it would/must maintain well because this location is very valuable right now.  

There are a lot of fish in the lake, but swimming and fishing are definitely not allowed. I bet most visitors come because of this lake, and wait for the sunset, it just beautiful. Also, visitors like to bring along their dogs, I guess they are enthusiastic in dogs and you can hear something like "you have a beautiful dog", "your dogs are so cute", "she (the dog of course) is so lovely"... ...No offence ^^

Too bad, there isn't any colourful flower around, just trees and vivid green grass. Still, they got the smell of nature. :) Just look at this little grass, it is strong and grow on the rock. Life is really amazing, you can't imagine how tough a grass can be. The background is too sharp, lets try a smaller f-number to make the little grass become the main actor.

Now, you can see the background become blurred and you will probably focus on the little grass instead of the background. 

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Sunday, 10 July 2011


"A professional photographer will always keep his/her eyes bright and never miss out anything."

My friend told me something like this when he gave me some tutorial in photography. I do agree with this. But, what I think is not only a professional photographer needs to keep his/her eyes bright all the time. As my ex-boss said, an engineer must always keep his/her eyes bright because you will injure if you make mistake, and the worst case is you will get yourselves killed if you make a big mistake. 

Wow, that's sounds serious to me but I know it is serious! :P Well, I do keep myself alert or keep my eyes bright, and I found a beehive on a tree! 

Bee, I guess they just won't attack me if I walk close to them, No Disturb of course.

I found it is a bit difficult to get some photos because I'm using 18-135mm lens. I can't really zoom into them so I decided to get Closer.

There are tree branches and leaf around the beehive. Well, bee is just as smart as we know. They built the beehive in a safe place which others "animal" difficult to reach. And those tree branches, I just afraid to touch them because I do not know what if the bee thought I am going to ambush them or attack them. :P

Closer, closer,closer... ...

Careful, careful, careful... ...

This is the closest I can get, I can hear the "Bee" sound and I guess I should stay away before they found me. :)

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Can't wait to BUY your DSLR?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shutter Speed Project 2

I remember there was a fountain in front of a shopping mall, I can't really recall it so I drove to most shopping mall to search it in the morning. Well, this sounds stupid because there are waterfall and fountain everywhere, even KLCC park has one. But, the one I am looking for is a smaller fountain, and it doesn't not "dance" like the one in KLCC park. 

It just another shutter speed project. Hope you like them. Lets see shutter speed 1/2000 sec.

As I always say, fast shutter speed will make the photo darker than actual scene because the light your camera capture is lesser and you will find details missing, in some case. 

This photo is captured in shutter speed 1/1000 sec. As you can see, the photo is slightly brighter and yes, more details and you can see the fountain was freeze in the air. 

Actually, I think 1/500 sec is enough to freeze and the result is better, in this scene. Of course, the weather is one of the factor, I was shooting under the rain, again! I wonder why whenever I shoot outdoor photo, it rain. :P

I just realise one thing, I like to say "see, this photo looks like those from a compact camera". No offence, hehe. Well, you can freeze motion by compact camera, if you know how to do it or in a correct way. But, in most AI mode or Auto mode of compact camera, you will get something like this. :)

For 1 sec shutter speed, the fountain become smooth and soft. If you compare this photo with 1/500 sec shutter speed, you will see the different especially brightness and details of the photo. Of course, due to the slow shutter speed, the people at the background are blurred. 

This photo was shot in 2 sec shutter speed, the result is almost the same as 1 sec shutter speed. 

I do not recommend you use shutter speed slower than 2 sec because the photo will overexpose, unless the environment really dark and everything are moving very slow. By the way, as I remember, there was a blue t-shirt man walk across between the fountain and my camera while the shutter speed still remain open. But, the image ( or shadow) did not capture by the camera. But, as you can see, the people behind the fountain were captured and yes, blurred.Where is the blue t-shirt man? Why he did not capture by my camera? 

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Night Shooting

The most difficult in photography, for me, is night shooting. While the environment is dark, you can use Portrait Mode to make the subject sharp and clear, which we discussed few weeks ago. Portrait Mode will make the subject skin tone looks softer and the background will be blurred in order to make the subject stand out more. But what if you want to capture the background as well?

This photo captured in Auto Mode because I got a blur background in Portrait Mode. The reason I used Auto Mode is because I helped a tourist to take a photo in the same background, and guess what, the tourist selected Auto Mode before he passed his camera to me. I remember it was Canon 550D and the result was really nice, both subject and background are bright and clear. 

I tried to shoot in Auto Mode and the same angle as well but the result is different. As you can see, the subject is quite dark and the background does not look sharp. I wonder there is any different between 550D and 50D in Auto Mode?

I tried to take a few more photos in the same angle in different Mode but I did not get the best result, too bad. Well, I guess I should not "occupy" the place too long because there are many tourists and even Malaysian like to walk and take photos around the Twin Tower :)

Sometimes I feel a 18-135mm is not enough for photography, but a photographer told me that I should "master" this Lens before I move further in photography. He believed it is very happy to own another or more Lenses, but Lenses are not cheap. As a beginner like me should work hard in photography tutorials instead of work hard to own more Lenses. 

He is just a strict teacher, but I guess I should listen his advise ^^

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Beauty of Water

Do you ever imagine the shape of water? Do you feel the truth of water when you touch with your hand? Do you ever see, or observe while water falling? What you see, is not really what it is. I always keep this in my mind. :)

The photo above is a waterfall, with some kids playing around of course. :) What you see in the photo is actually about the same as our eye. You cannot tell the shape of the water while it fall. What you see is just, well, water... ... it is falling from top, we called it waterfall. XD

In fact, the water does not really just fall. Water does form shape while falling. 

As you can see, due to the gravity, the water actually form a shape. It looks like a flat curtain from the beginning, then it started to become "wave" after awhile. The bond between the water does not break in this height and become a wave form while falling. 

In these photos, you can see in this height, the wave form remain until it reach the ground. 

Most people think waterfall is simply "looks" like a curtain, free falling from somewhere and guess what, most people do not care how water form a shape, and most people do not know what is the shape of a single drop of water. 

However, we do not know until we freeze the time and I am glad we got camera to do this job. :) 

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