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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Protection Colour

What a cloudy day, I did not even notice it already 9 am in the morning. I should prepare quickly or I will be late. :) Just before I am done with my breakfast, I saw, no, I heard some "birds" at the backyard. Where are the little birds?

As I always say, nature is amazing. You just can't trust your eyes because you can't see all the facts of the world with your eyes, but they do exist.

So, how many birds in this photo? I can't get any closer or zoom in because I am using 18-135mm lens. Arrggg, I am going to get a big lens for sure.

My friend said it was nothing but mud and grasses, ROFL!! Are you sure?

I would say we are too rely on machine or tools. Sometimes we just can't imagine how useless human being are. Without machine and technologies, we are doom.

As I remember, these photos are captured in "shade", therefore the grass looks more vivid green compare to AWB. However, trust me, if I post a photo shot in AWB, the colour of the photos will be grey instead of yellowish and green, the birds are almost invisible and you probably hate me after this LOL. 

Well, here comes our little bird. Say hello to everyone. :)

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