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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Night Shooting

The most difficult in photography, for me, is night shooting. While the environment is dark, you can use Portrait Mode to make the subject sharp and clear, which we discussed few weeks ago. Portrait Mode will make the subject skin tone looks softer and the background will be blurred in order to make the subject stand out more. But what if you want to capture the background as well?

This photo captured in Auto Mode because I got a blur background in Portrait Mode. The reason I used Auto Mode is because I helped a tourist to take a photo in the same background, and guess what, the tourist selected Auto Mode before he passed his camera to me. I remember it was Canon 550D and the result was really nice, both subject and background are bright and clear. 

I tried to shoot in Auto Mode and the same angle as well but the result is different. As you can see, the subject is quite dark and the background does not look sharp. I wonder there is any different between 550D and 50D in Auto Mode?

I tried to take a few more photos in the same angle in different Mode but I did not get the best result, too bad. Well, I guess I should not "occupy" the place too long because there are many tourists and even Malaysian like to walk and take photos around the Twin Tower :)

Sometimes I feel a 18-135mm is not enough for photography, but a photographer told me that I should "master" this Lens before I move further in photography. He believed it is very happy to own another or more Lenses, but Lenses are not cheap. As a beginner like me should work hard in photography tutorials instead of work hard to own more Lenses. 

He is just a strict teacher, but I guess I should listen his advise ^^

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