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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shutter Speed Project 2

I remember there was a fountain in front of a shopping mall, I can't really recall it so I drove to most shopping mall to search it in the morning. Well, this sounds stupid because there are waterfall and fountain everywhere, even KLCC park has one. But, the one I am looking for is a smaller fountain, and it doesn't not "dance" like the one in KLCC park. 

It just another shutter speed project. Hope you like them. Lets see shutter speed 1/2000 sec.

As I always say, fast shutter speed will make the photo darker than actual scene because the light your camera capture is lesser and you will find details missing, in some case. 

This photo is captured in shutter speed 1/1000 sec. As you can see, the photo is slightly brighter and yes, more details and you can see the fountain was freeze in the air. 

Actually, I think 1/500 sec is enough to freeze and the result is better, in this scene. Of course, the weather is one of the factor, I was shooting under the rain, again! I wonder why whenever I shoot outdoor photo, it rain. :P

I just realise one thing, I like to say "see, this photo looks like those from a compact camera". No offence, hehe. Well, you can freeze motion by compact camera, if you know how to do it or in a correct way. But, in most AI mode or Auto mode of compact camera, you will get something like this. :)

For 1 sec shutter speed, the fountain become smooth and soft. If you compare this photo with 1/500 sec shutter speed, you will see the different especially brightness and details of the photo. Of course, due to the slow shutter speed, the people at the background are blurred. 

This photo was shot in 2 sec shutter speed, the result is almost the same as 1 sec shutter speed. 

I do not recommend you use shutter speed slower than 2 sec because the photo will overexpose, unless the environment really dark and everything are moving very slow. By the way, as I remember, there was a blue t-shirt man walk across between the fountain and my camera while the shutter speed still remain open. But, the image ( or shadow) did not capture by the camera. But, as you can see, the people behind the fountain were captured and yes, blurred.Where is the blue t-shirt man? Why he did not capture by my camera? 

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