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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Beauty of Water

Do you ever imagine the shape of water? Do you feel the truth of water when you touch with your hand? Do you ever see, or observe while water falling? What you see, is not really what it is. I always keep this in my mind. :)

The photo above is a waterfall, with some kids playing around of course. :) What you see in the photo is actually about the same as our eye. You cannot tell the shape of the water while it fall. What you see is just, well, water... ... it is falling from top, we called it waterfall. XD

In fact, the water does not really just fall. Water does form shape while falling. 

As you can see, due to the gravity, the water actually form a shape. It looks like a flat curtain from the beginning, then it started to become "wave" after awhile. The bond between the water does not break in this height and become a wave form while falling. 

In these photos, you can see in this height, the wave form remain until it reach the ground. 

Most people think waterfall is simply "looks" like a curtain, free falling from somewhere and guess what, most people do not care how water form a shape, and most people do not know what is the shape of a single drop of water. 

However, we do not know until we freeze the time and I am glad we got camera to do this job. :) 

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