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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Desa Park City

I found a nice place to shoot recently, its called Desa Park City. It is a place near Kepong. If you coming from the direction of Sungai Buloh, just go under the flyover and turn right, then you will see a junction on the left. You  will see some big words DESA PARK CITY instead of HOLLYWOOD. Haha :P

Many photographers come to this place every evening, or maybe after work. I would say this place still under very good maintenance, so far. But I bet it would/must maintain well because this location is very valuable right now.  

There are a lot of fish in the lake, but swimming and fishing are definitely not allowed. I bet most visitors come because of this lake, and wait for the sunset, it just beautiful. Also, visitors like to bring along their dogs, I guess they are enthusiastic in dogs and you can hear something like "you have a beautiful dog", "your dogs are so cute", "she (the dog of course) is so lovely"... ...No offence ^^

Too bad, there isn't any colourful flower around, just trees and vivid green grass. Still, they got the smell of nature. :) Just look at this little grass, it is strong and grow on the rock. Life is really amazing, you can't imagine how tough a grass can be. The background is too sharp, lets try a smaller f-number to make the little grass become the main actor.

Now, you can see the background become blurred and you will probably focus on the little grass instead of the background. 

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