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Thursday, 30 June 2011

What do we have next?

Hi there, today is just another good day. After all these "theories" and "lessons", I guess we can have a break and go around to shoot some photos. 

There are more theories and lessons, what I wrote is just some basic knowledge in photography, and I hope I can write better to share my shooting experiences. Some of my friends told me "theories are boring", they hope to see more photos, especially night scene, they wish to see shooting stars, they want to see light in the city, or northern light :)

Well, those photos are not impossible to capture, but I need some time and equipment, and apparently I am out of budget... ...sad :(  By the way, I am not good in night shooting (manual mode) so far, and I need to learn how to use flash because I always get some "white face" in night portrait.

But, I like to shoot in forest, waterfall, flame, garden and etc. I like to get closer to nature and keep all these sceneries in different angle, especially in macro. Of course, night scene is part of it and I definitely will capture them in my camera.

However, photography is just like anything else, we cannot stop learning and need to keep trying in order to discover new theory and skill. Once you think you are perfect in photography, you will not improve and you will only remain what you had.

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