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Sunday, 5 June 2011

How does Drive Mode Work?

There are several selections to choose in Drive Mode. Different digital camera might have different types of Drive Mode. For my camera, there are 5 selections. The selection of Drive Mode will indicate within the box ( In Green Circle).

1) Single
- This Drive Mode only allow the user to capture one picture when the Shutter Button is fully pressed.

2) Low-Speed Continuous
- For continuous motion, you can use a Low-Speed Continuous Shutter to capture several pictures, until you release the Shutter Button. If the subject is not moving too fast, Low-Speed Continuous Shutter is recommended.

3) High-Speed Continuous
- This Drive Mode is about the same as Low-Speed Continuous Shutter, but in High-Speed now. You can capture several pictures by full pressed the Shutter Button, it won't stop capturing until you release the Shutter Button.

The maximum speed of High-Speed Continuous Shutter is depends on your camera. Professional level camera have a speed above 6.3 shots per second. If you want to capture fast and continuous motion such as Car Racing, Sports game and etc, High-Speed Continuous Shutter are recommended.

Of course, pay attention at the Focus and Exposure, you might get some blur and dark pictures in this Drive Mode. :)

4) 2 seconds Delay Timer
- A 2 seconds delay after you fully press the Shutter Button. Hrm, 2 second? Too short? You do not even have a chance to run in your camera target. Well, I will show you later. 

Some digital camera allowed the user to set the timer and number of shots. But it is not allowed for my camera :(

By the way, there is a LED blinking once per second in front the camera to indicate the timer when you fully press the Shutter Button.

5) 10 seconds Delay Timer
- This seems useful to most users. You can capture a photo of your family including yourselves with this Drive Mode. First, you need a tripod or a table to set the focus before you press the Shutter Button. Once you fully press the Shutter Button, I believe 10 seconds is enough for you to run towards your family. ^^

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