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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shutter Speed Project

Hi there, today is another good day to shoot some outdoor photos, I guess. :)

We had discussed different theories and shoot with different Mode, but all these lessons and tutorials are just not enough for me. Hehe. I need more, not only my brain needs to remember all these lessons, I guess my hands need to remember either. :) Of course, practise makes perfect. 

I just realised I like to play with Shutter Speed instead of Aperture. Although the basic of photography must work with both Shutter Speed and Aperture, I like to freeze the motion, to capture the beauty of instance. Sounds like a phrase directly translate from a Chinese phrase. ^^ 

Ok, I just grabbed my camera and drive to a place, a clean and quite place. There is a lake, I traced the water source and I found this.

This photo shoot in 1/100 Shutter Speed, you can get this result in a normal compact camera, or in Auto Mode. Well, the water is blur, and it just like you see with your eyes.

As I said, I really like to play with Shutter Speed. Freezing the motion of the water or fire just make me love photography more. :)

With 1/2000 Shutter Speed, you can see the water sharper and clearer. But the photo will be darker due to underexposure. Compare with 1/100 Shutter Speed, you can the drop and shape of the water now :)

By the way, shooting with a slower Shutter Speed is another way to make me love photography either. :P

As you can see, the water looks soft and smooth. Unlike the result in 1/100 Shutter Speed, you can see the beauty of the "blur" result. :P I also tried to shoot with a slower Shutter Speed but I got overexposure because the environment is not dark enough. Too bad, it started to rain and 3 hours to sunset. I got another appointment. Maybe, next time. :)

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