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Sunday, 26 February 2012



Here comes a quick post :p

Did you ever try to capture lightning? How did you do it? I guess it is quite simple... ...maybe because of "Luck" ^^

It was a rainy evening and I heard the thunder roaring for some times, so I grab my camera and rush out my house. While I wait for the lightning strike, I guess I should take a normal photo before the lightning comes. This photo was shooting at the backyard of my house. 

Then, here comes the lightning!!!

As you can see, the lightning strike from the sky (even it just a little at the top of the photo :p), what I did is switch the shutter to continuous high speed, around 1/2000 sec because you don't want the photo under exposure but fast enough to capture lightning. It depends on the weather as well, it just a reference :)

I shot around 5 photos but I only got this, good enough? huh... it could be better :p

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